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We regularly do something extra on a Monday night. Have a look...
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Monday night meetings
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More Monday Club night meetings
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Lots of us meet up for Sunday rides... here are just a few photos from the various rides
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Steve Vaughan organises lots of off road dirt biking rides on Sundays and over weekends
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S&DMCC led Bikestop rides
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During the C-19 restrictions, we are limited to 6 rides in a group; so this is what we do for the time being on a Monday evening
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Maps of great riding routes. Short rides, days out & Monday nights to the Club meeting
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Other activities
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An all night stint..
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Trophy presentations...
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Crown, Stotfold
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S&DMCC supporting local villages
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Another excellent turn out this year
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Scorching hot day for a great event
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Record numbers at this year's run
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An excellent turnout - great day was had by all 
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Sept 2016 one off event celebrating Nero & Super Nero
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Sheelagh Neal, Paul Bryant & Scott Aylotts Racing Season
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This year's annual pilgrimage... 
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Some of the members made a trip up to Scotland & had a cracking time...
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If you'd like a bit of engineering art, member John Greenhill is the man to see...
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... anything members thought would be relevant, interesting or fun
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