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We want to build, enhance and grow the Stevenage and District Motorcycle Club.

We have historically been a male-dominated Club but we want to be more inclusive, expand and welcome motorcyclists of all genders.

As a start, we know that women make up around 15% of our Club and research indicates many would rather ride in an all-female group.

So we would like to set up a “Ladies Section" (suggestions for a better name would be very welcome!)

We don't yet have a volunteer to lead ladies group rides but we would love to hear from anyone interested. We have experienced, qualified and professional riders who would actively support any volunteers to gain riding and navigating experience, if required.

In the mean time, while we want you to come along on the sociable Monday Club nights, for female only rides, you could also contact the Ditzy Devils - a recently formed group of local female motorcyclists, made up of several members of the Stevenage & District Motorcycle Club and others.

We would love to welcome more female riders to S&DMCC so please do get in touch.