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Mon 19th Dec 2016

Another good turn out this week with over 20 members turning up to the Pig & Whistle, Aston. But only 2 hardy bikers, Geoff and Pat, braved the winter chill.

Once again Charles, the Landlord, put on a good selection of food with some left at the end (which wouldn't have happened if Cider Bob had of been there) and after all that he came round with plates of pizzas.

The next meeting is Monday the 9th of Jan 2017 at the Hen & Chickens & will include a committee meeting (for the committee).

S&DMCC wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mon 11th Dec 2016

Even though it was the Club’s Christmas social this week, the ever hardy Geoff and Cider Bob met at Coreys Mill Sainsburys for a wet ride to the Hen & Chickens, Baldock.

The party got underway early and by 20:00, the pub was rammed with members and guests.

Conversation was free flowing and “Rock Stock and Basil” provided excellent live music.

Very generous denotations were made by Jason & Lisa Holmes, Gary and Bikestop for the “what’s in the box” raffle which raised £190 with the winners walking away with some top notch prizes.

A massive spread of fantastic food was provided by Tallis, the Landlady who, along with her staff, Cindy & Heather were full of Christmas cheer and helped create a really friendly and entertaining evening.

Being a work night, some members had to leave fairly early but the fun continued through to closing time for most.

This was possibly the most successful Christmas social we’ve ever had.

Unfortunately, we have no photos :(

Thanks to all who helped make it happen.

Mon 5th Dec 2016

Simon kindly led the run this week as neither Cider Bob or either of the Pete's could be there. Unfortunately, he was the only one who was as Coreys Mill on a bike!

But there were lots of members at the White Horse in Baldock for another good night.

Mon 28th Nov 2016

It was a chilly night for those who met at Sainsburys for the rideout this week. But those brave soles made their way down country lanes, avoiding the salted main roads, to the Hen & Chickens in Baldock for the annual Photographic Competition.

As always, there was a good turnout already at the pub, including a couple more riders. An array of photos was laid out over a table and the completely neutral Gary judged Gordon Hallet's photo of an Isle Of Man sunrise as winner. We don't have a digital copy of it at the moment but we will post it as soon as we do. Last year's winner forgot to bring the trophy along so there is no presentation either but that will also be corrected next week!

The food provided by Tally, the Landlady was as superb as ever and everyone got plenty to eat.

Next week's meeting will be at the White Lion, Baldock but if you can't make that, please be sure to come along to the following week's meeting, on 12th December at the Hen & Chickens for the Christmas Social and have a drink on the club (for members). It's a great night out and includes food, a huge raffle and live music.

Mon 21st Nov 2016

This week, there was no ride out due to a lack of a leader.

But the Pig & Whistle, Aston was full of members for the annual quiz. The questions were set by the Chairman and the Pete Blackburn officiated as the quizmaster.

Eight teams competed for the title of Club Quiz Champions 2016 with 10 rounds of 10 questions (for those not so hot at maths, that's 100 questions!).

There was slight controversy when the final scores were announced as one team, Norbets Nupins had scored 100 out of 100. The team consisted of the chairman and a n other, who were found to have a copy of all the answers and were promptly disqualified.

The results were as follows:
1st - "Rejects" with 84 points
2nd - " 4 Shades of Grey" with 81 points
3rd - "Charlies Angels" with 79 points
4th - "WD40" with 66 points
5th - "Grusome Twosome" with 64 points
6th - "Golden Oldies" with 63 points
7th - "Katherine" with a sterling 58 points.

Mon 14th Nov 2016

Very mild weather returned this Monday so it was a nice ride, although the roads were wet. Just two of us turned up so we went a fairly direct route through the countryside but on arrival at the pub, we agreed we should have made it a longer ride.

The destination this week was The Vicars Inn, Arlesey where, as always, many members had already arrived and were settled in, but only one, Pete Starr, had used his bike.

There were lots of interesting conversations going on including a request by Simon for anyone interested in buying a 1970s (S reg) Kawasaki Z650 - it's sad story where the owner, a mate of his, has sadly passed away, leaving a young family behind so Simon is trying to sell it for as much money as possible for them. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please contact us here.

Also, Dinner Dance tickets were on sale. Contact Mick Taylor on 01438 354130, email or see him on a Club night to get yours.

The staff at the Vicars Inn laid on a huge buffet of top notch food. So much so that some was left over... not even Cider Bob could polish it off.

Next week will be the annual quiz night at the Pig & Whistle, Aston so put on your thinking caps and come along. You might want to go straight there as Cider Bob won't be around to lead a rideout.

Mon 7th Nov 2016

This Monday saw the first properly cold weather of this winter. The result was only two hardy bikers met at Sainsbury's for the rideout.

The plan was a half hour ride through Great Offley, then Whitwell and on to Codicote but after a quick chat, the route was changed due to the amount of leaf coverage over the country roads. So it was a short blast over to Hitchin and down the B656 to Codicote, where the meeting was at the GOAT.

The gritters were out in force and the road outside the Council yard resembled a salt quarry but, fortunately, they hadn't made it to the B656 so it was still dry (for any non bikers who don't notice road conditions, salt absorbs moisture and makes the road surface slippery). There was surprisingly little traffic and, with only two of us, there was no hanging around. It was a really fun ride and we made good use of the full width of our tyres.

On arrival at the pub, it was obvious the two on the rideout were the only ones who had braved the cold on bikes. But there were plenty of members squeezed into the bar.

Unfortunately, it's a popular pub so the bar was full generally and we ended up with small groups of members dotted about until about 21:30 when, after the local choir left, the huge amounts of chips, hot dogs and pizza came out for us. That was put down in front of the "old boys", who made a good effort at demolishing the food mountain, assisted by a constant trickle of hungry members from around the bar.

There was lots of high-brow conversation, including how to improve the website, which led on to a depressing conversation about modern lives being led by computer software giants. Meanwhile, the more sensible members stuck to conversations about motorbikes and which pubs to visit next year!

The temperature had dropped further as the pub emptied and there was a layer of ice on car windscreen. Unfortunately, by then, the gritters had made it to Codicote and beyond so the roads were greasy. Rather than tiptoe down the country lane, the ride home was down to Welwyn and up the motorway.

If you have anything to say about the Club, its website or Facebook page please let us know here.

Mon 31st Oct 2016

Halloween this year fell on a Club night so what better reason to go for a ride than to get away from 8 year olds trying intimidating you on your own doorstep!

Surprisingly, only three of us arrived at Sainsburys for a pre meeting ride - perhaps the others were out "trick or treating" themselves. But a committee meeting this week meant the ride was going to be fairly short which may have put some off.

We left the car park at 19:55 in excellent riding weather - clear and mild with dry roads.

Onto the B197 through Gravelley and over to great Wymondley. Right turn to Willian and right again to Letchworth where after negotiating the longabout, we turned down the back road to Baldock. The initial plan was to turn down London Road to the pub but it was it was such a good night for riding that we detoured up to Weston. Then over to the A507 and into Baldock from the east, stopping at the Hen & Chickens.

Three more bikes were already at the pub and a few more arrived later during the evening.

The committee meeting started almost straight away with talk and planning of the up coming events and a discussion about the 2017 Calendar.

During discussions on the Dinner & Dance, it was decided voting for the Club trophies this year would be opened up to the full membership. So please have a look here for the details and how to cast your votes.

The committee meeting was cut short with the arrival of the excellent spread of food put on by Tally the Landlady.

As always, chit chat continued with the majority of the Members thinning out by about 22:30.

Mon 24th Oct 2016

Almost the end of October but it was mild again this Monday and five of us met at Coreys Mill Sainsburys for what we thought would be a nice ride in the relatively warm darkness. So warm in fact, Pete Starr opted for jeans; a decision he would regret as light drops of rain started to appear as we left the car park. By the time we got to Hooks Cross on the A602, the rain was making visibility a bit poor as the light from oncoming headlamps blurred across our visors.

Leading the run, Cider Bob wondered whether to cut it short but, being a hardy bunch, we progressed on with the original plan towards Hertford, taking the B1000 to Digswell and then the B656 to Codicote before turning right to The Lytton Arms in Old Knebworth. Fortunately, most of us were wearing decent textile suits which kept the rain out but poor old Pete looked like he'd wet himself as we walked into the pub (that's normally happened as he walks out!!!).

The roads were slippery as it hadn't rained for a while and the pace was kept very sedate to account for it. Even so, there were a couple of tyre slips but nothing to clench the sphincter.

As often the case, there were lots of members at the pub, even some who had also braved the rain, but didn't fancy the rideout, including Jim and the Morris', .

It had been the funeral of former Club member Clinton Spinas earlier in the day. Some members had gone along to show their respects and a glass was raised to him part way through the evening.

There was lots to chat about as always, including talk of 2017 bike trips. So, if you have any suggestions, dive in to the conversation next time.

The Lytton Arms is always a great pub for those who like a decent pint. Unfortunately, as most of us were on or in vehicles, not much beer flowed and the bar staff looked distinctly unimpressed by the quantity of tea ordered - well, we are British so the next best thing to a beer is a tea!!!

The food was really nice, including quality sandwiches and nice chips but a couple more rounds would have been nice to make sure everyone got their fill.

All in all, another good night, finished off by a dry ride home.

Mon 17th Oct 2016

This week saw only three of us turn up for the rideout, which was surprising as, with winter just around the corner, we thought it could be a chilly night but it was, in fact quite mild.

The roads were mainly dry but there were damp patches and after a quick discussion on routes, with so few of us, we decided to head pretty much straight for the pub, via the open country roads rather than the main A roads.

As all three of us are experienced all year round riders, it was a fairly swift ride which took us past Great Wymondley, some slightly airbourne action on the road to Willian and then some nice curves to Hitchin. On to Letchworth via "the big dipper" and then into Ickleford where our destination was the Plume Of Feathers.

On arrival, there were a number of bikes in the car park, including the Chairman's ubiquitous XJ900 outfit. And shortly afterwards it was good to see Jason turn up on his RT with a very toastie Lisa on the back, sporting a big grin.

As more often than not, inside the pub were the usual members of the "light car section" of the Club... all the older boys who's biking days are behind them but still come to be sociable and probably each have more biking knowledge than all the youngsters put together.

We were very well looked after by the staff at the pub. Beer, tea and soft drinks were flowing and the food was very very tasty with lots to go round and some (well, one) returning to the feast for thirds (and maybe fourths)!

We say it every week but every week it's true - a good night out!

If you are new to the website, have a look at the Calendar and come along sometime. You can also find us on Facebook for the very latest info and short notice rideouts.

Mon 10th Oct 2016

On a dark and chilly night, the expectation was a lack of adventurous riders for the rideout but, in fact, it was an excellent turnout with eight of us leaving Corey's Mill.

Led by Cider Bob, Simon followed along with Russ, Jason, and Pete Blackburn with Jeff taking position at the back. It was good to see Joe and Joe join us for the first time. Joe #2 only passed his test a couple of weeks ago and is now riding a very nice CBR600R. With this in mind, the speed was kept down a little but we still made some good progress - he's obviously a natural as he kept up with the pace there was no need to slow up for him.

The original plan was to go almost straight to the Hen & Chickens as this week was the annual auction. But with so many riders, a more interesting route was quickly planned. Similar to last week, we made our way to the A10 via the A507 and then cut through Therfield to the A505. A quick blast on the dual carriageway saw us at the pub by 20:40 but the auction had already started.

The bar was packed and the Club Chairman was rapidly auctioning the items brought along by the members. As always, there was some "old tat" but there was also some really good lots such as the virtually new RST textile jacket picked up by Steve for £6, a £3 router by Jim while Jason acquired an excellent value bottle of Pimms and a genuine John Surtees signed T-shirt.

The auction provides much entertainment but also raises some money for the club. This year, the total was a little lower than normal at £86.50 but it was, never-the-less a good event.

The food provided by the Land Lady of the Hen and Chickens was excellent and, as always at this pub, there was plenty for everyone.

Thanks to all who donated to the auction.

Mon 3rd Oct 2016

This week's run took four of us from Corey's Mill, out to Walkern and on to Cottered where we joined the A507 to Buntingford. The B1368 is always a great road to ride so we headed up to Barley where we turned off onto the B1039 to Royston. It was then a short but swift circumnavigation of the town on the A10 and then up to Bassingbourn on the A1198 where we turned into the car park of The Hoops to find another ten or so bikes and a few club member's cars.

It was a dark ride so we've pretty much given up taking Monday night photos for the winter.

Food was superb with a great mixture of hot and cold and we all got plenty.

As often the case, several of us were there until near closing time and it was, once again, a good night.

Mon 26th Sept 2016

Cider Bob tends to lead the Monday evening rides but he has been away for a couple of weeks so two weeks ago, Pete Starr led the run and last week was led by Russ Aylott.

Neither have had the chance to write a few lines about those nights but tonight’s run started with an entertaining account of a 50 mile ride resulting in arriving at the pub after all the food was gone... A+ for effort Pete but more practice needed!!

If you would like to lead the run, just pipe up at the Sainsburys 19:45 meeting and it’s yours.

Four of us went for tonight’s ride but it was the first, since the summer, in darkness so it was reasonably short, encompassing Little Wymondley, Willian, Baldock, Newnham and Ashwell before ending at the Edward VII at Guilden Morden.

Eight motorcycles were already in the car park on our arrival and, as often the case, lots of members had arrived in cars and the bar was full.

Loads of excellent sandwiches were supplied by Kirk, the Landlord, and the chattered continued late into the evening before everyone headed off in their separate directions.

Mon 5th Sept 2016

Last week was a Bank Holiday so no meeting. This week looked like it was going to rain but 7 of us turned up at Corey's Mill for what turned out to be a warm and dry, but humid ride.

Unfortunately, the rideout started off badly with Pete having a rear puncture but the ever resourceful Russ sorted it out after delving into his Tardis-like top box to retrieve a repair kit.

After getting the tyre up to pressure, we headed off via Walkern to Cromer but, for the first time, we almost lost a couple in the darkness. Fortunately, Geoff's ability to notice a lack of tail lights ahead on the road they had taken meant they could turn around and join us at the A507 junction where the rest of us had been waiting.

From the A507, we headed over to the A505 and on to the Mordens and Wrestlingworth before passing through Potton and on to Sandy where the meeting was at The Bell.

On arrival, it was good to see another 22 bikes already in attendance, as well as the usual suspects in cars.

The food was excellent and there was just enough for the late arriving rideout group.

The pub was chocker with club members inside and out and it was good to see the return of the pair of Joes who travelled over from Royston.

As always, a really friendly atmosphere and a good night out.

Mon 22nd Aug 2016

Some stayed away from the ride and went straight to the Club meet in a car under the threat of rain! As we stood at Sainsburys at 19:45 hours, looking up at the bright blue sky with the odd wisp of fluffy white cloud, we wondered if they had inadvertently looked at the weather forecast for the Amazon rain forest.

It was, in fact, a gorgeous night and a perfect temperature for riding. The route took us up the ever popular B655 towards Barton Le Clay but we turned off at Pegsdon to run through Shillington, Meppershall and Campton before bypassing Shefford on the A600. Moving back onto the country roads through Ireland, we headed for Cardington, to get a glimpse of the Highlander airship, then on to Cople and Northill before reaching Upper Caldecote.

In the countryside, we were reminded that suicidal young dear like to wonder across the road at dusk at this time of year so the leader, Cider Bob, really had to be on the ball to avoid them. We didn’t come close to hitting any dear but it was a massacre of insects on our visors and as the light faded, it became a bit of a struggle to plan for the road ahead so the speed dropped a fair bit.

Fortunately, the road from Upper Caldecote to Sandy was better lit by the moon and we tucked in behind a fairly swift car for the final couple of miles from Sandy to the Thornton Arms at Everton.

Some of the roads around Cardington were a tad bumpy but Richard coped admirably on his Fireblade with Leanne on the back and Geof’s 1970’s Honda 750 Four had no problems either.

As often the case, the pub car park was full and bikes lined the surrounding road. It was a warm and dry evening so lots of members were sat outside the pub while the bar was also full.

A nice array of sandwiches accompanied by copious chips were provided by the very friendly staff.

Yet again, a very nice night at the S&DMCC.

Mon 15th Aug 2016

Another lovely summer evening and an excellent turnout both for the rideout and the meeting.

This was our first visit to The Rifle Volunteer in Ware. We were made very welcome by the staff with sandwiches and chips "by the ton". The car park was packed with bikes with the road taking an overflow of Triumphs, Hondas and an Aprilia.

The rideout was slightly longer than normal and took us down the B656 to Codicote, onto the B195 and up Digwell Hill and on to Oldings Corner. There we joined the A414 for a few hundred yards before turning onto Chequers, and then the Great North Road past Hatfield railway station and towards Potters Bar, turning off towards Wildhill. Then it was the nice n twisty B158 through Essenden to Hertford. We couldn't be down that way and not do Anchor Lane so, via Bengeo, we got to Wademill. The old A10 got us into Ware and then the back streets to the pub. It was a good paced ride but the slower riders weren't left behind as the leader waited at each turn off to make sure no-one got lost.

As normal with the S&DMCC, it was a friendly and chatty atmosphere and the evening turned into night far too early.

Another good night and a thumbs up for The Rifle Volunteer.

Mon 8th Aug 2016

This week, the scorching summer day gave way to an overcast evening with a threat of rain but it didn't put off those who enjoy the ride-outs. Nine of us set out from Coreys Mill Sainsburys with Cider Bob leading and Pete Starr bringing up the rear.

The route was slightly shorter than normal, to allow for the 2nd and final round of the cheese skittles competition. Leaving Stevenage is always limited to only a few interesting routes so once again, we headed for Willian via Great Wymondley. It was then the back road to Letchworth and Ickleford before joining the A600 to Shefford, where we got back onto the back roads, to Old Warden before arriving at the Playing Fields Club in Upper Caldecote.

As we followed the route, we could continually see rain ahead of us but we managed to miss it. However, Pete Starr began to regret not bringing his Blackbird and considered calling "a man with van" at one point as the last couple of miles were on wet roads which means he's now got to clean and polish his pristine XJR.

At the venue, there were a load of bikes already parked up and more arrived after the run. There were also the "old boys" who no longer ride so it was a good crowd but the Playing Fields Club looked after us very well and there was plenty of chilly & cheese on spuds to go round (twice for some!)

The 2nd round of the Skittles competition was won by Simon but the aggregate score saw the title going to Gary who was less than reserved in his victory!

Mon 25th Jul 2016

Another warm evening this week and an excellent turnout of bikes with 12 on the pre-meet rideout from Corey's Mill Sainsburys and a further 29 going straight to the Brewery Tap in Shefford.

As always, the rideout meet was at 19:45 and we left Sainsburys with 4 potential new members. Using the back roads to Hitchin, we joined the B655 to Barton Le Clay and on to Harlington where we turned right, crossing the A5120, up alongside the motorway and right to Steppingley. Onto the A507, up the A6 with a right through Hatch, joining the A600 south to Shefford. Cider Bob led the way, with a pace that seemed to suit the sports bike riders but waiting at each junction to make sure the group was kept together for those at a more sedate pace.

It was a very sociable affair at the pub with lots of chatter in the evening sun. The food was good with lots of it - although I'm not so sure the crusts needed to be cut off the sandwiches for a bunch of hungry motorcyclists.

Once again, a lovely evening and we hope to see those thinking of joining the club again next week.

A couple of photos of the evening can be found in thewebsite's Gallery section.

Mon 18th Jul 2016

The hottest evening of the year saw an excellent turnout of bikes, filling the car park of The Hoops at Bassingbourn.

Eight bikes rode out from Sainsburys at Coreys Mill with the route taking us through Walkern to the A507 at Cottered, on to Buntingford and then left at Hare Street, onto the B1368 to Flint Cross. A short blat down the A505 with a right to Melbourn and Meldreth before taking the excellent Kneesworth Road to Bassingbourn.

With such a busy night and so many people going straight to the pub, most of the spread of food had been devoured before the run got there but the Land Lord kindly laid on more at short notice to make sure we all got fed.

It was also a good night for new members. Welcome to Mark, Joe, the other Joe, Graham, Diane and Mark. It was also Keith's first time out with us on a Monday night, on his immaculate Suzuki GT250, having joined the Club at the George Brown Memorial Run.

Mon 3rd Jul 2016

This was our very first Club meeting at the Angel pub in Ware. We were greeted with a very warm welcome from the landlord and bar staff to this lovely pub just off Ware High Street.

There was a total of 28 bikes in attendance plus a couple of the "light car club".

In the absence of Cider Bob and Peter Blackburn, at the last minute our honourable treasurer Peter Star was press ganged into leading the ride out - with a total of 14 riders turning up he did a very good job, although he thinks he may have lost a couple on route.

Mon 27th Jun 2016

The Pig and Abbot at Abbingdon Piggots was our destination this week.

The group ride consisted of 9 bikes with one returning after a time away from the Club, bring a new potential member with her. The ride was a fair bit slower to account for the level of experience of the new rider but as no one on last weeks ride was there this week, we used the same route, winding our way through the country roads of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

The welcome at the Pig & Abbot was as warm as ever, as was the food. Another good night out with the S&DMCC.

Mon 20th Jun 2016

Being a leap year, this was the longest day of the year but even with the late light, many members stayed away because of the England football match (yawn) and the threat of heavy rain.

As it turned out, the weather stayed fine and the small riding group had a nice ride through the countryside via Baldock, Newnham and Ashwell before arriving at the Edward VII at Guilde Morden.

The pub was heaving with football fans and the bike club was split with several out the front enjoying the summer evening and a load more tucked around the back rooms, never straying far from the excellent spread of food.

The ride home was swift and direct but yet another nice night.

Mon 13th Jun 2016

The very heavy rain throughout the day suggested it would be a poor turnout but 7 hardy motorcyclists joined the ride, expecting rain but treated to almost perfect riding weather.

We rode from Corey Mill, over to Letchworth, joining the A507 to Baldock & Buntingford and then on to the B1368 to The Beehive, at Hare Street. What a set of roads. The pace was considered good by everyone... not too fast, not too slow. Everyone rode at there own pace with the quicker members waiting at each junction to make sure no-one was left behind.

The pub is a great destination and we were well looked after with lots of sandwiches and nibbles and good beer for those no driving.

The weather held off and it was a nice ride home after a thoroughly sociable evening.

Mon 6th Jun 2016

This week saw an excellent turn out for the rideout with 15 bikes following Pete around the Hertfordshire roads to The Goat in Codicite.

On arrival of the group, there were a further 14 bikes already in attendance and the inevitables in their cars.

A good turnout, even with the President, Secretary, Treasurer and three other members away in the Isle of Man.

The clear skies allowed the moon to light up the pub, as everyone chatted out the front in the mild weather.

As always, we were well looked after by Graham, the Landlord and everyone had a good time.

Mon 23rd May 2016

Another great night for rideout, which saw 10 us us leave Corey's Mill Sainsburys, head via back roads up to the water tower on the A1 and then take the Millow road to Sutton, on to Potton and right at Gamlingay, through Hatley to the B1042. Then through Shingay, finishing at the Wagon & Horses, Steeple Morden where there were nearly 30 bikes in total.

As always many of the "light car club" had turned up before the run's arrival.

It was a fine evening so lots of chat inside and outside the pub.

With so many of us turning up, there wasn't much food but what there was, was lovely.

Another great night for the S&DMCC.

Mon 16th May 2016

The lovely weather saw the best turn out of bikes so far this year at a new venue for the Club - The Hoops in Bassingbourne.

A couple of new guys turned up for the ride over from Sainsbury's, which was lead by Pete Star who took us over to Baldock, up the A505 to Odsey, then Steeple Morden, Guilden Morden and the A603 round the back to Bassingbourne. It was his first go at leading but the route was a little quicker than he estimated and we were at the pub by 20:30 hours.

The Landlord had cordoned off the car park for us, which was handy due to the number of bikes!

Lots of members were already there and it was a very good night of socialising.

There was enough food for everyone although plainly all the potatoes in the world wouldn't make enough roast spuds!

It was good to see some new faces and it was a good night all round.

Mon 9th May 2016

There was no meeting last week due to Bank Holiday.

This week saw mixed weather conditions of sunshine and showers. The rideout made its way to the Playing Fields Club, Upper Caldecote where many members were already encamped for the evening.

The rain didn't put off a few harden members from biking, with about 15 bikes turning up plus the "light car club" was out in numbers.

The main event of the evening was the first round of the annual skittles competition, with Roger Pink taking 1st place, Mark Bowen in runners up place and third was Gary Jones. The next round of the skittles is on 8th August.

The evening finished off with a delicious meal of pasty, chips and beans and a damp ride home.

Mon 18th Apr 2016

A fairly warm Monday night saw us at the Vicars Inn Arlsey. As usual, an excellent buffet was laid out for us - our thanks to Thersa for doing us proud.

Despite the warm evening the light car and drinking section of the club were out in force. With just over 30 members in attendance, only eight turned up on there bikes, however, those that went on the pre-meeting rideout had a cracking 45 minute ride on the B roads of Hertfordshire and A roads of Bedfordshire.

Our chairman Tony Brown made a presentation of a bottle of Scotch to our President, Pat Barrett on celebrating his 80th birthday.

Paul Bryant was on hand giving his account of his weekends racing at Donnington gaining two 9ths and a 10th place. Well done Paul.

The evening came to an end around 10 o'clock with only a few harden drinkers left.

Mon 21st Mar 2016

Several of us went for a ride this week. It was relatively mild and dry so we were out for about an hour, riding through lots of local villages including Willian and Pirton before taking the always entertaining B656 to Codicote and then on to the Lytton Arms at Old Knebworth.

There was no shortage of members who'd arrived before us and, as always, it was a good evening of chatter with some excellent food.

Mon 14th Mar 2016

The meeting was at the Bucks Head, Little Wymondley. The "light car club" section was out in force, although there were three members who braved the cold on their bikes - our President Pat Barrett on his combination, Gary "I talk a load of rubbish" Jones and our Italian stallion Gordon Hallett on his immaculate Bennilli. No one was up for a pre-meet ride.

With twenty members in attendance, plus two new members a noggin and natter was the order of the night. All went quite on the arrival of hot dogs an hamburgers but with our main food hoover not being there (Cider Bob), their were a few burgers left over.

The highlight of the evening was the departure of Gordon, as the Bennilli only had a kick start, and as most of you know, Gordon has trouble with kick start machines, but the Bennilli fired up first kick, with a big cheer off he went into the darkness - and dark it was as the lights left much to be desired.

Mon 29th Feb 2016

Leap Year and none of the lads were proposed to! Nevertheless, it was a good turnout at the club and a particularly surprising number of bikes both on the pre-meet ride and at the Hen & Chickens, given the cold conditions.

The new Landlady, Tally, was very welcoming and supplied an excellent spread of food. We can confidently say no-one went hungry!

The committee meeting was productive with talk of this year's Dinner Dance, which was a great success, up coming events and planning for next years Dinner Dance (yes, already!). There was a spare slot on the calendar so we've added a second visit for the year to the Beehive, Hare Street.

Yet again, an entertaining night.

Mon 22nd February 2016 (AGM)

This wekk was the AGM, held at the Cromwell Hotel, Stevenage and got under way at 8.00 pm.

The chairman, Tony Brown, started by welcoming everyone; approximately 30 members were present.

The proceedings started with a small auction which raised £50.00.

The secretary, Mick Taylor, read out the minutes of last years AGM which was followed by the Chairman's report and a report by the Treasure, Pete Starr.

Election of officers and committee was next with Tony Brown re-elected as Chairman, Mick Taylor Secretary and Pete Starr Treasure. The committee elected were Cider Bob, Pete Blackburn, Jim Carmichael and Roy Brown.

Next on the agenda was the updating of the club rules, followed by a lengthy discussion on the dinner and dance.

Being no other business the meeting closed at approximately 9.45 pm and the annual subs of £5 were collected.

Mon 8th Feb 2016

It was another good night last night at the Goat in Codicote. The Landlord, Graham, conjured up a feast of hotdogs, chips and thick and juicy pizzas.

Lots of chat about bike things - Triumph featured a lot, as did the dinner dance this coming Saturday.

A change of venue was also mentioned for next week. No longer at the Vicar's Inn's, we will now be at the Plume Of Feathers, Ickleford.

There was also much discussion for a weekend at the races... Cadwell Park here we come!

Mon 25th Jan 2016

Those of you who don't tend to ride during the winter missed a terrific ride. The roads were dry and the temperature was mild. Those of us who did ride left Sainsburys and headed over to Walkern. In the darkness, the view of oncoming vehicles helped with some good overtakes as we trundled through the country lanes to Cottered. We could have been out for a while but we went straight down to Baldock on the A507 where we met a very good turnout of members at the White Lion.
It was a very good atmosphere in the pub and the food was some of the best we've ever had on a Monday night.

So, for those of you who are put off by the winter, members or not, don't be - get your gear on and join us at Sainsburys, 19:45, for a ride to the club on most Mondays.

Mon 11th Jan 2016

It's been a little quiet at the club nights over the Christmas and New Year but it was back to a well attended night this week at the Hen & Chickens in Baldock but the weather put most people off riding. There was lots of chatter and the committee meeting was very productive. Thanks to the staff at the pub who put on a great spread, as always.
Some points of note:
The Club's annual dinner & dance is on Saturday 13th February at the CROMWELL HOTEL in Stevenage old town.
The AGM is on Monday 22nd February. If you'd like anything formally raised, please let the secretary know in writing by the 15th February.
An unusual framed "montage" of Guy Martin will be up for auction at the AGM so bring a extra pounds if you fancy bidding.